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Pandora’s box on sale/Pandorina kutija na rasprodaji - Baždarić, Barbara

AUTOR: Baždarić, Barbara
ISBN: 9780997133387
DATUM OD: 2021

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O knjizi:

The ideas and themes in Pandora’s Box on Sale are framed by a lyrical odyssey in search of Meaning and the Absolute, but not in the pretentious sense of Truth and Being or potential absolutizing. Instead, Barbara’s poetic path has a literary and empiric motivation, reaching the point and limit allowed by her poetic moment in life. The poet restores the important poetic relation subject – world, which she already took hold of in the collection I Bite. Here, however, she approaches it in the context of more complex meanings. To start with, the subject has deconstructed the world and herself in a poetic and worldview position, setting traps of meaning to both, and trying to unwind her threads in order to reach the space of total self-reflection. In the poetic sense, the romantic ideology of world weariness projected the world into existential Horror and thrownness into it, but now the heroine chooses an empiric and literary approach to get close to the modernist need for a conflict with the world in order for self-reflection to bear richer fruit. In layman’s terms, the world bothers her. It is a dictator with a scepter and a trace of blood of the last victim, torturing its subjects with various predetermined identities. Barbara’s lyrical heroine resists it, slaps it, mocks it with words, gestures, meanings. This whirlwind of mental and emotional signals gives birth to another heroine, who evolves in a safer, more authentic space. Marina Katinić Pleić