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Really Useful Book of ICT in the Early Years, The - Price, Harriet

AUTOR: Price, Harriet
ISBN: 9780415434188
DATUM OD: 2009

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O knjizi:

Practitioners and students wishing to know how very young children develop an awareness of ICT will find this text invaluable. ICT has arguably one of the biggest impacts on every-day 21st century life, so its inclusion in the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum reflects the need to encourage forward-looking practice in classrooms and nurseries. This book enables you to help young children develop their knowledge, understanding and skill in the use of ICT, with chapters from contributors with a wide range of practical experience. Full of ideas and new thinking, this practical guide shows you how to: -promote independence in children’s use of ICT through resources like digital cameras and role-play to -explore the nature of creativity through ICT, using it to support the more traditional areas of art, music, dance and writing -use ICT to enhance the physical and sensory aspects of outdoor learning experiences. -harness the potential of ICT in reaching children with a variety of different learning needs, particularly those with profound and multiple learning difficulties, or autistic spectrum disorders. -value children’s home experiences of ICT and build on what they already know, and how to work with parents in developing their child’s ICT capability. ICT can underpin all areas of learning for young children; this highly practical, inspirational and informative text is therefore relevant to all practitioners and students training in Early Years