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2G Dossier: Venice Lagoon Park - Lacaton, Anne

AUTOR: Lacaton, Anne
ISBN: 9788425222504
DATUM OD: 2008

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O knjizi:

The 2G Competition. Venice Lagoon Park was convoked in April 2007 in connection with the celebration of the tenth anniversary of the magazine 2G. The contest proposed a multidisciplinary treatment of an architectural and landscape design intervention on a territory -the Venetian lagoon- with a long and intense historical trajectory. At present, the lagoon constitutes a rich ecosystem subject to a wide variety of usestourist, -residential, industrial, farming- which are difficult to reconcile and to re-elaborate. The 2G Competition delimited and determined this complex reality so as to emphasise, using a real example, many of the issues posited by current architectural debates, and the success of this approach was reflected in the more than 1000 registered competitors from all over the world and the upwards of 500 projects presented. This volume of 2G Dossier contains the competition’s winning projects, special mentions and a major selection of schemes that were singled out as finalists by the jury. With the freedom that an ideas competition gives, the whole offers an ample display of the different approaches used, from the most innovatory and risk-taking to more orthodox, rigorous proposals. The jury members Iñaki Ábalos, Francesco Careri, James Corner, Anne Lacaton, Philippe Rahm and other specialists in architecture and landscape design have written texts that complement the schemes presented by the competitors.