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Leisure Enhancement

ISBN: 078901534X

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Teach your students the fundamentals of leisure theory and application! Leisure Enhancement, Third Edition provides a basic understanding of leisure theory, concepts, and philosophy, and illustrates how they can be applied to effectively enhance social development, improve fitness and health, and reduce stress. This thoroughly updated text provides new information and the latest statistics on the interrelationship between fitness and leisure, and on leisure and recreation in the United States and around the world. The accompanying instructor’s guide provides exams, discussion questions, and activity ideas to bring the material in the book to life. Students and instructors alike will benefit from this edition’s user-friendliness and its clear links between theory and application. Intended primarily as an introduction to leisure text, Leisure Enhancement, Third Edition is also ideal as a resource book for leisure and recreation majors and in leisure counseling and leisure education courses. This unique combination of theoretical and practical material presents new information on: leisure and recreation in the United States participation patterns for women, and racial and ethnic minorities; how leisure affects the American economy fitness and leisure nutrition, aerobics, and the physiological and psychological benefits of exercise recreation and social development the positive and negative effects of various recreational activities on social development gambling and recreational drug use prevalent, but controllable leisure-related problems leisure through the life cycle childhood, adolescence, adulthood, later life; significant life events leisure trends in selected countries, including Western Europe, Israel, Japan, Hong Kong, People’s Republic of China, Russia and the former Soviet Union, Australia and New Zealand Learning objectives at the beginning of each chapter of Leisure Enhancement, Third Edition will guide instructors and students to the most important facts and concepts in each chapter. The detailed instructor’s guide makes the book an excellent text for use by new or experienced instructors and in departments where different faculty teach the applicable courses every semester.